It has come to my attention recently that a small number of games in the Arcade section are missing some or all of the sound effects. Examples include the sound of Donkey Kong stomping during the opening animation, and the sound of your ship exploding in Galaga. I thought these were due to imperfections in the emulation, but it turns out there were a number of sound effect files that needed to be added to the installation, and put in an obscure directory.

I developed a solution to this, and it will be fixed on all systems going forward, but I wanted to give my existing customers a chance to upgrade their boxes as well. I put all the sound effect files into a single Zip archive, and was going to upload it to my website, but it is too large. I can’t email it to folks asking for it, for the same reason. So here is what I am going to do.

Anyone who wants the upgraded sound effects, send me an email. I will mail you a USB drive with the files on it, as well as a script I wrote to automatically install them in the correct location, and instructions on how to run it. I only ask for $5, which I will invoice you for, to help offset the cost of shipping and materials.

Sorry for the snafu, and I hope you are all having an excellent holiday season.