As you might know, the SKG has been doing a lot of travelling lately, attending comic conventions and other shows. Just did back to back shows in Washington DC, and San Jose, CA.

Awesome Con in DC truly was. Had a great time, sold over 30 Retro Boxes, and got to spend some time with my oldest friend, The Skeptical Geophysicist., and his family. They took me to one of my favorite used bookstores, Wonder Books.

Silicon Valley Comic Con was amazing! As you know, this area of the country is where the geeks congregate, so for the SKG, it was like going home. Everybody there speaks the SKG’s language, and understands and appreciates the work that goes into the Retro Box.Of course, they also ask the hardest, sharpest questions, and provide the most pointed criticism, which is good too, since I am always looking for ways to improve my product. For the first time since I started doing shows, I actually sold out. I even wen to Fry’s on Saturday night, to buy components for an additional 10 systems, and still sold out 2 hours prior to close on Sunday. Thank you, San Jose, for a great experience.

Paul Philleo form Events for Gamers posted a very nice review of my operation on his website. Check it out at

Look for us this coming weekend, at Wizard World Portland,

Have a skeptical day,

The Skeptical Geek