A lot of my customers ask me about options for wireless controllers. I don’t normally carry any, either in my swap meet booth or in shows, because quality wireless controllers cost quality money, and they are usually not as good as wired controllers anyway. Well, lately I have been spending time with the Strike NX Wireless Gamepad from Speedlink. Here is the Amazon link:

Speedlink STRIKE Wireless Gamepad @ Amazon

There is a lot to like about this controller. It charges via micro USB, so no constantly changing batteries. It is very comfortable in grown up hands. It is recognized by the system as a XBox 360 controller, so for those of you who have a fully loaded system, it will work out of the box, no configuring necessary. The buttons are easy to reach, even the trigger buttons. From a distance of about 8 feet from my sofa to my TV, I noticed no lag in any of the controls. On games like Contra, the diagonals are easy to get to, without hitting them accidentally. As a bonus, I was able to successfully pull off the Contra code the first time I tried it. The analog thumb pad is very responsive in N64 games, the ones that work that is. During long periods where the device is not being used, the controller will lose connection with the USB dongle, but just push the Mode button in the center, and you are back in business.

I honestly can’t think of a bad thing to say about this controller. I am going to do some looking around, to see if I can get the device wholesale. If so, I think I will start offering it as an upgrade at shows and my booth.In the meantime, those of you looking for a solid wireless controller that won’t break the bank should seriously consider this.

Thanks and stay skeptical,

The Skeptical Geek