Grandpa, you say, I love what you are doing, but I am a hardcore fan of Asian retro games. I read Japanese like nobody’s business. I want Famicom, not NES! I want Megadrive, not Genesis! I want to play all the awesome JRPGs that never saw a US release because no one could be bothered to translate them. I want to play entire categories of games Americans have never heard of, like quiz games, cooking games, and even dating games! Well, once again, your Grandpa has got you covered. The Japanese Retro Box gives you nearly 6000 games, from 10 different platforms, all Japanese or other Asian exclusives. (The vast majority are Japanese, but there are some Korean and Chinese exclusives thrown into the mix.) Most of the games will be in Japanese, but a significant number are in English, or have the option of choosing. There will be some crossover with the US games. In many cases the games are identical, there was simply no way to compare every US game with its Japanese counterpart to eliminate duplicates.

Every system comes with:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 computer, case and Power supply
  • 128 GB Micro SD card running the Retropie software
  • Fully configured system, ready to play.
  • Over 5900 games, from 10 different platforms
  • Superior User Interface.
  • View artwork, description, and other data for each game.
  • Included HDMI cable
  • Two wired XBox style controllers. Wireless available for a small upcharge.
  • Detailed instruction manual, with links to online sources
  • 90 day product replacement guarantee.
  • Access to email support with any questions or concerns.

The following systems are installed:

  • Famicom — 1067 games
  • Famicom Disk System — 194 games
  • Game Boy — 746 games
  • Game Boy Color — 483 games
  • Game Boy Advance — 786 games
  • Megadrive — 471 games
  • Mega CD — 118 games
  • PC Engine — 294 games
  • PC Engine CD — 286 games
  • Super Famicom — 1367 games

Patches and Translation: I have provided the original games in the original language where possible. I have avoided English translations and patches because a lot of them are incomplete, buggy and even virus ridden. If there is enough demand, I may revisit that.

Artwork and Descriptions: A lot of the games have descriptions and artwork from the American versions of the game. That is because the online databases that contain this information identify the Japanese game as its US counterpart. I assure you it is the Asian version installed, although a great deal of the time the 2 versions are indistinguishable.

Grandpa Japanese Edition

Grandpa Gaming prides himself on giving you every US game on every system he offers. Well, for years, people have been inquiring about Japanese games that never made it to the States. In response to that, I present the Retro Box, Japanese Edition. Over 5900 Japanese games from 10 different consoles, as well as a smattering of Korean and Chinese games as well. You get all the JRPGs, cooking games, quiz games, dating games (Seriously!) and more Mahjong games than you can shake a bag of tiles at.

For a complete list of all the games on the Japanese Box, click here


Case Specification

RETROFLAG SuperPi Case (Included) Case Specifications

Wireless Upgrade

Upgrade to a pair of wireless XBox style controllers, two rechargeable battery packs and a single charging cable. Controller Specifications

None Wireless Controller – XBox Style +$50.00

Extra Controllers

Bundle extra controllers. Controller Specifications